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The Goldilocks Zone

Get off the bench ...Become the marriage

Ways to Play

The fantasy leaguer

Can't decide?

Start HERE!

Discover the benefits of connection without the commitment.

(4) 60 min conditioning sessions

Determine if The Connection Coach is the right support for you.

*this is not a coaching package

**one-time purchase limit. May be applied to a Pre-Season Player upgrade upon completion.

***sessions expire after 60 days

the pre-season player

Just want a f*cking break?!

I hear ya!

Experience the escape without expectations.

100% focus on YOU

Comfort, Compassion, Connection

Feel seen and accepted

Strictly Confidential

Judgement-free Zone

Scrimmage Pack: (12) 60 min situation-specific strategy sessions


Huddle Pack: (12) 30 min connection sessions

NO unsolicited advice or "fixing"

*this is not a coaching package

the mvp

Want your wife to want you again?

Get the escape & the winning plays!


Ongoing support as you build lasting habits for long-term love effects.

(12) 60 min conditioning sessions

(The Pre-Season Player)


(6) 60 min coaching sessions

Strategies, Integration, Feedback

Direct messaging between sessions for extra sidelines support

*by application only

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