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Why yes, that IS a churro with my beer!

A delightful combination, I might add.

Do you believe that everything is connected?

Take LOST, for example. I’ve watched the full series four times (true story!) and I get something new from it each time. I’m an existential and metaphysical conversationalist (that sounds way brainier than I meant it) who also loves documentaries, self-development, and my Niners… obvi. I have a lot of other interests, but let’s leave room for this budding friendship to grow.

My friend, we’re all connected. Do you feel that?

Everything we do not only impacts our lives but the lives of others; beyond even our immediate relationships. There’s a ripple effect beyond our awareness; we can’t possibly know the reach of our seemingly small actions. Though fictional, LOST is a perfect example of this. (See? Everything is connected!) But if LOST isn’t your jam, here’s a more realistic example:

Have you ever been spotted pants-less in an important Zoom meeting?

Maybe your boss didn’t see the humor of that incident. If you got your ear chewed off, then you're likely to have a short fuse if your wife asks you to set the table, or when your kids cover you in Silly String. How does that affect their moods for the rest of the night? How does it manifest in their actions that ripple out and affect others?

I want you to feel connected to your family again.

Our sessions are fully focused on you getting the support YOU need. In just a few months, you'll be the one starting the Silly String wars and your wife will look at you the way she used to: with compassion, respect, and desire. Your kids will remember you as present, available, and playful. Sounds like a game where everybody wins - SCORE!

So tell me: how can I support you?

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