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Sound like anyone you know?

You signed with this team because you had big dreams for your future. Remember your passion?! Your loyalty to the team was unmatched and no temptation could ever persuade you to trade. And let's not forget about the ring. THE CHAMPIONSHIP RING! That coveted piece of metal that said to the world, "I'm a winner, baby!"

But your team grew. And suddenly you went from Starter QB to Third String.


Hell, you're lucky if your spouse even lets you suit up these days. You wanna get back in the game, though you’re not sure your presence is missed. Take the ingrained "man demands" (job, finances, status, virility) and add in politics; economy; global crises; silent stressors, anxieties, and isolation - and you're burnt out! Understandably so.

As the man of the house, you shoulder a lot of responsibility.

You don't necessarily want to burden your spouse with it (and they doesn't always have the energy to hear it). But when you’re not open with each other, disconnect and discontent grows. You're worried that you're letting the whole team down, and perhaps you've been made to believe you belong on the bench.

Don’t buy into that bullshit. You belong on the field with your team!

All you need is a coach who believes in your greatness. A coach who will meet you where you're at; with compassion instead of judgment, with acceptance rather than shaming, and encouragement over criticism.

That’s why I’m here.

I coach men in marriages that have gone cold, taking them from sidelines to sizzle. You want to feel loved and desired again. But before you can get results, you need the appropriate padding and skills training. My personalized play-by-plays will build your confidence and get you back on that field, playing the game you LOVE. Your team will herald you as the role model you set out to be. You've got what it takes!

So how 'bout we dust off those cleats and get you back in the game?

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