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Connect.  Heal.  Thrive.

Through Reiki Energy Healing, you will be re-connected to Universal Life Force Energy to facilitate your own body's ability to heal at the molecular level.
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Feeling anxious or depressed? Unmotivated or stuck? Do you suffer from somatic pain or illness?

With so many things constantly coming at us, there is a very natural tendency to either dwell on the past, or worry about the future. The problem when we do this is that we miss out on living our best lives RIGHT NOW. Our minds are full of chatter about what we coulda/shoulda/woulda done yesterday, or what we could/should/will do tomorrow. It's a very natural tendency, but here's the catch:
Our thoughts become our reality.
Left unaddressed, stress and distress will manifest as anxiety, depression, or physical aches and illness. The good news is that there is a natural and non-invasive way to treat physical, emotional, mental and spiritual symptoms. 
Reiki is a holistic, non-invasive technique that promotes healing from the inside out. Benefits include pain reduction, stress/anxiety relief, increased focus and energy, restful sleep, release of toxins and blockages, change in thought patterns, and more!

Move stagnant energy with a Reiki session and leave recharged, completely relaxed, or anywhere in between. With Reiki, you will recover faster and without negative side effects. Intrigued?


What is Reiki, anyway?

Reiki can be defined as Spiritually Guided Life Energy (from "Rei" meaning "spiritual consciousness" and "Ki," or "life energy"). It is a holistic energy practice that facilitates healing through a process called, "entrainment," by which things align their movement and energy together to match in rhythm and pace. Everything wants to be in harmony. (This is why metronomes in a room will sync, crickets chirp in unison, nearby heartbeats sync, and menstrual cycles sync.) In a session, the practitioner acts as a channel to conduct the spiritually guided life energy into the body of the receiver.

When you are feeling down and out (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually) you vibrate at a lower frequency. Because of the interconnectedness of all things, in a Reiki session, your frequency rises to match that of the practitioner who is channeling Life Force Energy, thereby allowing healing to occur naturally and safely. 

More info on how Reiki works can be found here.

What can I expect in a Reiki session?

For our session I use scented (typically lavender) candles, incense, and relaxing music; all of which can travel with me and are subject to your preferences. Please allow yourself time before the start of the session to clear your mind of stressful thoughts (ie MTA!). For Reiki, a change of clothes is not necessary. You will remain fully clothed, with shoes off.


We will begin the session with a brief chat regarding what has brought you in for the session. This can be as vague or specific as you feel comfortable with! Sometimes just owning what you're feeling is the catalyst you need for healing; it also gives me areas to focus on for the session. 


Throughout the session, you may experience internal, vibrational sensations in/around your energy centers as the stagnant energy is shifting. Try to focus on deep breathing as these sensations are typically indicative of working "through" a blockage.

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"I went to HumanKind Wellness a couple of weeks ago for a Reiki session, and I’ll definitely be going back for more sessions in the near future.

To start, Rachael is truly a gem. (I’d go as far as calling her an earth healer.) She exudes a positive, warm energy that puts you at ease instantly. She’s the type of person you want to be around even after a seriously awful day.

We started the appointment discussing my reasons for booking a Reiki session. Through some tears, I explained that I’ve been struggling with high functioning depression and anxiety for years. After deciding that SSRIs are not for me, I was looking for sustainable ways to find equilibrium—in addition to the usual recommendations of therapy, diet, sleep and exercise. Let’s be honest: therapy has its limits and it’s hard to sleep consistently, eat healthfully and exercise regularly when you’re parenting a (super lovely but highly unpredictable) toddler and dealing with all of life’s usual stressors in your mid-30s. It was clear from the first ten minutes alone that Rachael understood my needs and that I was in good hands.

The session itself was in comfortable, candlelit room with soothing music in the background. I opted for the light touch Reiki (versus touch-less). Having never experienced Reiki before, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. During the session, I felt very relaxed with some noteworthy vibrations over my forehead and throat. I was honestly shocked at how relaxed I felt considering this wasn’t a massage. (For those of you new to Reiki: these vibrations were startling at first, but I later found them energizing.)  

At the end of the session, I stood up and feeling much lighter and simply just...better. (A far cry from the state I was in at the beginning of the session.) My session with Rachael had helped clear some space in my mind and I was feeling much less rundown and fatigued because of it.

I can’t really explain the science behind Reiki. But, even as a true believer in modern medicine, I also believe that some people in this world are healers. I truly believe that Rachael is one of those people." ~N. Warren




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Kindly include your name, the type of session you're interested in, and any information you feel would be useful. I do my best to respond to inquiries within 24 hours.

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