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When was the last time your wife gave you that look?

You know the one I mean. The look that says, "Come and get me. Rawr."

If it's been awhile, then you've been on the sidelines too long, my friend.

But I see you.

You've been patiently waiting for your chance to get back in the game.

These days, you're spending more time together than ever. #Igot2020problems&COVIDis1

There's no better time than NOW to reconnect with your wife.

Whether you're ready to play or just looking to get some quality practice time in,

I invite you to imagine what's possible for your marriage.

How good are you willing to let it get?

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So how 'bout we dust off those cleats and get you back in the game?

You signed with this team because you had big dreams for your future. Remember your passion?! Your loyalty to the team was unmatched and no temptation could ever persuade you to trade. And let's not forget about the ring. THE CHAMPIONSHIP RING! That coveted piece of metal that said to the world, "I'm a winner, baby!"

  • But your team grew. And suddenly you went from Starter QB to Third String.


Hell, you're lucky if your wife even lets you suit up these days. You wanna get back in the game, though you’re not sure your presence is missed. With all the demands on you, between work, global crises, and feelings of isolation, you're burnt out. Understandably so.

  • As the man of the house, you shoulder a lot of responsibility.

You don't necessarily want to burden your wife with it (and she doesn't always have the energy to hear it). But when you’re not open with each other, disconnect and discontent grows. You're worried that you're letting the whole team down, and perhaps you've been made to believe you belong on the bench.

  • Don’t buy into that bullshit. You belong on the field!

All you need is a coach who believes in your greatness. A coach who will meet you where you're at; with compassion instead of judgment, with acceptance rather than shaming, and encouragement over criticism.

That’s why I’m here.

I coach men in marriages that have gone cold, taking them from sidelines to sizzle. You want to feel loved and desired again. But before you can get results, you need to feel safe putting yourself out there. My personalized play-by-plays will build your confidence and get you back on that field, playing the game you Love. Your team will herald you as the role model you set out to be. You've got what it takes, Son. (Did I take it too far?)

But wait! What about the single guys? You're still in the right place! Listen; you don't have to be married to need an escape from the pressure-cooker of life. Right now especially, we're all struggling and in need of support. And you don't have to be married to know that you desire meaningful relationships. The Connection Coach strategies will work for you! I will coach you to be comfortable in your authenticity from the first date! No more, "You used to love getting mani-pedis with me when we started dating; wth?" When you can be truly YOU from the start, you build a strong foundation that's less likely to crack when you are 2 years in and suddenly stop 'enjoying' the salon. 

So whaddya say? You ready to get back out there and show 'em what you're made of?

Suit up, and let’s get started! 

"She looked open!"


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5 FUMBLES when you're trying to

Wondering what went wrong?

This mini-playbook shows you


where you lost control of the game

how to score next time.

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Get off the bench ...Become the marriage

Behind "The Happy Hubs"

We've all heard the saying, "Happy Wife, Happy Life." But there isn't an equivalent for men. I've heard things like, "Happy Hubby, Plump and Chubby," that imply that men are happy as long as...

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"Life is really looking up these days. I'm in a relationship that feels like a birthday present... I want to thank you for literally helping to hold me together during a most pivotal moment. It was less than easy, but now I can witness the payoff."

"Thank you for a life-affirming experience. You made me feel very at home and for that I appreciate you. Still happily surprised to feel so organically connected with you.”

"For the first time in months, I feel fantastic and at peace with the world that surrounds me. Today was yet another very busy day, but I managed the stress very well."

Ways to Play

The Fantasy Leaguer

4 Session Starter Series*
For the Man who plays it safe

You want to experience the glory of playing without the pressure (or concussions).

Or are you more of a Deion Sanders?Perhaps you simply can't decide which program is right for you; you love them both! A low-risk trial is just the ticket!

*Available for a limited time only.

Conditions apply.

The Pre-Season Player

Private Coaching:
Connection Conditioning

12 weeks of 1:1 sessions, for the man who just needs a f*cking break.

Maybe you're content on the sidelines as long as you're still on the team. You don't want to play in the game yet and that's okay!


As a Pre-Season Player, you can drop your protective gear. I'll remind you that you're a valuable team member, whether or not you're on the field.

NOW 2 options available to meet your needs!


Private Coaching:
Conditioning + Game Time

24 weeks of 1:1 sessions (12 weekly + 6 bi-weekly, coaching sessions), for the man who's ready for his own, underdog-to-victory ending!

Do you want more than a respite from everyday stress? Do you want to recover intimacy with your wife and score touchdown after touchdown til death do you part?

You just might have what it takes to be MVP.

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Home: Price List

"The MANctuary"

For the Tailgaters

Alright, so you're comfy and cozy on the sidelines; it's what you've grown used to. We all gotta start somewhere!

Did you know the purpose of a "Man Cave" is for soooo much more than just an escape for drinking beer, watching sports, and talking shit? Sure, you can unplug and tune out for a couple hours. You can hang your nostalgic college posters, hunting trophies, and plaid collection.

But why do you really crave the Cave?

More than merely escape, you're seeking sanctuary.

If you're not yet ready to work with me directly and experience transformation,

Join me in The MANctuary.

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How would you feel if your wife gave you bedroom eyes again?

How much juicier are you willing to let your life get?


Schedule your no-obligation, 30 minute Kickoff Call TODAY.

You'll get a taste of Game Time and learn the first, simple play to get more of what you want at home.

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Join the Roster!

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